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Forum rules (read before posting)
This forum is for public use but the following rules must be met:
  • Unjustified insults towards any user are not allowed
  • Discrimination based on race, sex, religion or other personal circumstances is not allowed
  • Trading is allowed only in the corresponding subforum
  • Try not to abuse the "off-topics" outside their corresponding section
  • If you have any difficulties with the use of the forum or other circumstances, inform the administrators
  • If you detect any illegal activity or that could harm the functioning of the community, report it immediately.
  • The languages supported in this forum at the moment are Spanish and English (they will be separated to avoid confusion)
  • If you have any suggestions or questions, do not hesitate to contact us
  • Likewise, the rules of common sense apply, the current legislation even if they are not mentioned above.

Enjoy the forum!  Big Grin

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