Important info: English users - read this (How to switch to english the forum)

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Important info: English users - read this (How to switch to english the forum)

Mensaje por foroadmin » 14 Sep 2017 22:00


We have added at navigation bar an option to automatically translate the texts of the forum to english, obviously automated translated text are not ideal so I have created few separated texts and threads in native english.

The plugin translates interface too, but I recommend to use native english forum interface, so you have to follow these instructions:

As you can see the forum is in spanish by default, you can change this following these steps:

Click on the upper right corner and click on your user account and select the options indicated in these screenshots:


After re-login you should see the forum with english options.

If it doesn´t work for you then, press CTRL+F5 in your browser to reload the page or delete offline data (cookies, cache..) stored by your browser.

Is recommended to write in english only on english forum thread if you want to have your post read fast by people who can understand english.

Thanks and I hope you have a good experience with this forum...

Because this is the best forum on internet for me of course @onion9@
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